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At Hawkesbury turf, we offer a vast selection of grasses including the ever popular sapphire turf to match your requirements and lifestyle. We combine modern techniques with high tech equipments to ensure that all of our turf varieties are of the highest quality.

Our turf varieties are harvested and delivered to your doorstep the same day to ensure that you get fresh turf. If you are contemplating whether to choose between sapphire turf or any other variety, here is a complete guide to our massive collection of turf.

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Kakadu Buffalo Grass & Turf



Kakadu is one of the most popular turf variety besides sapphire turf. It is a Natural field-bred grass, no laboratories. Very soft texture, high wear tolerance. Maintains colour all year round. Tolerates drought and salty conditions like beach front.

It’s thick thatch resists weed growth so it is extremely low maintenance and pet friendly. It does well in cooler as well as warm climates which makes it best all-round grass in Australia and a foremost choice for your lawns.

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Sapphire (B12) Grass & Turf

Sapphire Turf (B12)

The sapphire turf has super fine texture and has excellent disease resistance capabilities. It is a deep rooted turf variety that thrives in hot and humid conditions. Sapphire turf attains and maintains excellent winter colour which is tested to -10°C that enhances the aesthetics of your house. It has reasonable shade tolerance, very high wear and drought tolerance. Suited to the front and/or backyards, parks and stadiums.

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ShadeMaster Grass & Turf


Shademaster is an old favourite that handles high traffic and recovers well. It has a darker green colour with a slight purple tinge, with very good heat and shade tolerance and can enhance the elegance of your home. It has moderate water use when established as well as moderate drought tolerance. It requires moderate maintenance and fertilizer requirements. This non invasive variety is suited to front and/or back yards, parks and stadiums.

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Kikuyu Grass & Turf


Kikuyu is amongst the most popular and inexpensive turf varieties that has very good wear tolerance and can keep up even with the busiest backyards. It can repair itself quickly even under extreme wear and tear conditions and requires minimal maintenance which makes it suitable for schools, sports fields, commercial and semi arid areas. It is fast growing, on a wide range of soil types.

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Wintergreen Couch Grass & Turf

Wintergreen Couch

Wintergreen Couch is a grass with fine leaves that prefers full sun to shade and is extremely drought tolerant and hard wearing which makes it suitable for high traffic areas. It has medium growth and requires very low maintenance. Suitable for a wide range of soil types for commercial and residential properties like golf course, tennis course etc.

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